Connect Webflow CMS with Airtable

Control Webflow CMS collections directly in Airtable.

Beta test the app now.

Create a table in an Airtable base following the same structure as in Webflow CMS collection
Install the Nobull Airtable App from the Airtable Marketplace.
Create “New Connect” and “Generate API Key”
Select your Webflow project and "Authorize Application”
Paste Webflow API key into the Nobull Airtable App

What about security of my API key?

We're glad you asked.

The Weblow API key is stored on Airtable's servers in secure storage (Global Config).

GlobalConfig storage is not shared across different users. It is individual for each installation within a base.

We are not storing your API key elsewhere and we are not passing it to any 3rd parties. It's 100% in Airtable.

This is a safe and recommended approach for storing API keys within Airtable.

Set-up connect

  1. Select a Webflow website.
  2. Select a Webflow CMS collection and related Airtable.
  3. Connect all the mandatory fields and add additional field mapping when needed.
  4. Select the flow of data.
  5. Select the sync duration. This will work while the Airtable is open in a browser.
  6. Click “Save and publish items”.

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Video walkthroughs

We have 3 tutorials to show you use cases for Nobull Airtable.

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Beta test Nobull Airtable.